Our first goal as Canas Makina has always been high quality production and customer satisfaction.

Canas Makina was established in Bursa to offer the best products needed in PVC and Aluminum processing sector. Our company, which develops itself as a customer-focused company, has always followed closely the developing technology and trained its personnel in this respect.

Canas Makina has always been beside its customers with its fast service and spare parts support. Our company, which provides 24 hours 7 day service, offers “second hand” clearing support in order to increase customer satisfaction and provide better service to you.

Canas Makina is in 4 Continents, 27 Countries!

Canas Machine PVC and Aluminum exports user-oriented and modern technology products to countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, Iran, Italy, Somalia, Kenya, Egypt, Tajikistan, India, Afghanistan, Oman, Chile, Belgium, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Spain, Qatar, Libya and Peru. Canas Machine expanding its market day by day.